Overfull last week! so happy! The opening year of 2019 seems to be good!

I cook at home for the first three days, then go to VEGAS after a day of rest! Also based on the small partner Krystina and Tengge, but also unexpectedly met Anna Aunt! Can’t be satisfied again~

I am going to the first time of Jay Chou’s concert, full of memories, super tears!

I also met a lot of people at VEGAS! Thank you very much! Thank you for your attention~

When I came back from VEGAS, my husband fell ill~ It seems to be a kind of flu~ terrible!

Everyone should pay attention to the body!

Plus, I have a little bit of acne recently, so I can’t sit down and take a video!

After that there will be videos of other topics! rest assured!

I wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day again~

I hope you still like today’s video, we will see you next time!

Vicky Soupsss

Vicky Soupsss

Live adventurously, love fearlessly and drink responsibly.

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