I often received a private message from everyone asking which one I wore, so I took out my 7 Aritzia pants for you to see. I hope to help you.

Other information is in the video. There are several pants types that are discounted. If you are interested, you can check it out.

Which one do you like? I love Rosalee now! ! !

  1. Wilfred Essie Pants $148 Size 0
  2. Babaton Trevor Pants (sold-out) Size 00
  3. Wilfred Berna Pants $49.99 SOLDOUT $49.99
  4. Babaton Jimmy Pant $85($128) Size XXS
  5. Babaton Cohen Pant Pique $58.99($148) Size 0
  6. Wilfred Rosalee pant $148 Size 0
  7. Babaton Conan Pant $148 Size 0
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Vicky Soupsss

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