Hello everyone, I am Rainie. The weather is very bad today. What do I share with you today? Today I want to share the 10 tips that I have become more and more beautiful in the past three years.

When I was watching the video I had taken recently, I found that my makeup was very bad. But now, many people are boasting that I am getting more and more beautiful. So today, I want to share with you how I am beautiful.

Lightweight makeup makes you look more beautiful

I used to like the full coverage foundation in the past, but for my skin, it is not for me.

Don’t be afraid, eyebrows

If your eyebrows are not repaired, or if the shape of the eyebrows is not satisfactory, be sure to re-repair.

Practice your own eye makeup

Don’t mess with eye makeup tutorials! The best teacher is not a video, but yourself. Everyone’s eyes are different in shape and size. You need to practice day after day in order to find the right eye makeup for you.

Do not ignore eyelashes

The right blush and highlight position is the secret to making you look younger.

The right tool makes makeup more effective

Don’t use too much cosmetics, the less you get the more beautiful

The color of the lipstick should match the clothes.

Choose a good hair stylist

A good hairstyle will really improve self-confidence.

Don’t be afraid to try new makeup, do more to make progress

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