Hello everyone, I am Rainie. Today I want to share with you a clothing haul. I bought a lot of clothes a few days ago. In fact, I am stocking up in order to be able to shoot more videos. I am going to Japan the day after tomorrow, and I will not be able to come back until the end of March. So I have to take some videos in advance. Today’s hual is a special one, it is a cheap hual. Everything below $100!!! And all items will be linked below. I will match different look. How will I wear it in Japan?

List of items appearing in the video

  1. Captain’s Cap
  2. Sole Society Retro Plaid Beret
  3. H&M Blazers For Women
  4. Brixton Fiddler Cap
  5. H&M Jersey Jacket
  6. H&M Cardigans & Sweaters
  7. H&M Fine-knit Cardigan
  8. H&M Knit Sweater
  9. Topshop PETITE Black Jamie Jeans
  10. Topshop Windowpane Check Suit Jacket
  11. ……
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