See You Again. The Dream is Real! Berklee Scholarship Fund Concert, 2019 4/28.

Nana Ouyang kicks off her 10-Year Anniversary Tour at Berklee, where she is furthering her music studies. Completing her first year at the college, Ouyang will sing and perform multiple instruments, delivering familiar tunes that span genres such as classical, pop, R&B, and rock. This concert also features fellow students, and is produced by Jonathan Foo.

Ouyang, an 18-year-old Chinese musician and actress who rose to stardom from a young age, is featured in Forbes 30 under 30 in Asia 2019 and has performed more than 100 concerts over the past 10 years. Since learning the piano at age 5 and the cello at 6, she has won numerous music competitions.

With the goal of helping other students achieve their dreams in mind, proceeds from this concert will be donated to the Berklee Scholarship Fund.

Nana OuYang 歐陽娜娜

Nana OuYang 歐陽娜娜

I'm Nabi ! 歐陽娜娜~ Nana Ou-Yang

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