There are no shows today. But there is no rest. Early morning, it’s really early morning, I think I still see the stars.

At 6:15, we left the hotel in a coma and drove to the airport.

Tour Day 5th Day – A long, long day.

One I said, so tired. The other one I said, so happy. Being able to do what you like is worth even if you are tired. I am looking forward to the filming of today. I also look forward to the day I share with you⋯

3:31 in the morning, finishing work, Fly from Shanghai to Hangzhou by car. When you get out of the car the sky has begun to light up slightly, I am going to dream, We are tonight. See you at the Hangzhou Theatre.

Nana OuYang 歐陽娜娜

Nana OuYang 歐陽娜娜

I'm Nabi ! 歐陽娜娜~ Nana Ou-Yang

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