2018 Tour Concert Diary. Fourth stop. Chengdu. Departure from Chongqing to the next stop at 8:30 in the morning. Chengdu.

I heard that my mother criticized my wear. She said that I am very vulgar. Get on the bus. Everyone started to go to sleep. Well, I am no exception. More than five hours drive. Two o’clock in the afternoon. We finally arrived in Chengdu.

This is my second performance in Chengdu. The first time should be the year before. The enthusiasm of the audience. As if I was in the concert. Finished the baggage. Immediately went to the venue next door to the hotel. I know that I am afraid of drying. Now we are in Chengdu. Against the big sun. Jacket on the head. I got it. Yes. We have arrived. I just complained why I have to walk. I just. Because I am very afraid of the sun today. I am also a girl who is afraid of tanning. Same rehearsal. Today’s state feels much better than yesterday. But the water is still in the water. Drop the guitar and handbag on the tour bus. The watch smashed a piece of clothing. Fortunately, the last dress finally found. Ouyang Nana limited moon cake gift box waiting for you to pick up. Buy three get one free. Ouyang Nana Lichang. Dear friends. Long wish. Community partners. happy mid-Autumn Festival. Tour bus that has been driven to Chongqing. Opened again. The guitar is late. But finally. Defeated the water counter.

Nana OuYang 歐陽娜娜

Nana OuYang 歐陽娜娜

I'm Nabi ! 歐陽娜娜~ Nana Ou-Yang

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