I haven’t slept for a long time, naturally wake up. It should be two months. Sleep best, The longest day.

Today’s work starts at three in the afternoon. Chongqing It’s a great place for me. It is not only the hometown of my grandfather. Also the place where my mother-in-law was born. My 100th concert last year, Just in Chongqing.

《18》 The first press conference of this book And the first signing Plus the tour tomorrow night. Also my third year Performing in Chongqing. Today is going to Sign sale. Today is mine!

《18》 The book’s Is The first station Sign sale. Then also the first day I want to eat this oily crayfish at the moment. (hahahaha) And at this moment, A lot of people who have come to queue up in the morning and signed. It is me and this city. Constant continuation of fate.

Ouyang Nana

Hello, my friends, Hello, Chongqing. I am Ouyang Nana. Actors from learning music to entering this circle. Bit by bit. Have some choices, frustrations and Happy things want to share with you. Not a very professional angle, Because after all, myself, Not a writer. The writing may not be so good, But that is, Put a um… Some moods of girls drops are placed in this book. Is there a lot of difference in mentality? Yes, there is definitely more to do in adulthood. I hope to do my best. To share music for everyone. There is one of the songs mentioned in the book. Mendelssohn’s silent song, It reflects different times in different periods, face some attitudes and moods in life. Then I feel that every song may be in everyone has a status in mind. That song is for me. a record-growth Classical music. so I hope Well, after I. Music can also be brought to everyone. Different feelings also in their hearts, a song that won’t be forgotten. Because the first game was in Chongqing. So it will give me full love and strength. So hope for tomorrow, everyone. I can dedicate their Chinese Valentine’s Day to me. Very happy is today! Friends on the second and third floors, I am very happy that you can come. Then hope Well. Share it with you, my story.


My child likes her very much. Pursue her is their generation of young idols, influence very influential. Um… a young idol. Like her very much!
I hope that Ouyang Nana will get better and better in the future. We will always support you!
Nabi, I likes you very much.

Ouyang Nana

This is the end of the day. See you tomorrow.
Nana OuYang 歐陽娜娜

Nana OuYang 歐陽娜娜

I'm Nabi ! 歐陽娜娜~ Nana Ou-Yang

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