This is what you can buy in Walmart, China. Come grocery shopping with me in Beijing! Ep 36⬇See more below⬇

It’s my second day in Beijing, China, so I needed to do some grocery shopping in Beijing. I checked the map and I found a Walmart nearby my place. This Walmart is quite small, but I was happy that it was open even on the Chinese New Year Eve.

Walmart China is basically like any other grocery store in China. You can buy anything from electronics to clothing and from cleaning supplies to food. My favourite grocery store in China is actually Carrefour, but it was too far away from my home, so I just went to check out this Walmart.

I am so excited to move back to Beijing and start my new life in China! I have lived in Beijing twice before so third time is the charm. I will be working here probably for 3-4 years as an expat. So, get ready for lots of China-related content!

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