Hello everyone, my name is ChuChiao. Today I’m showing you the difference between authentic Chanel wallet and super fake Chanel wallet. Can you see the difference just from the outside? They look incredible similar aren’t they?

Today I’m going to show you the difference. I even brought 2 replicas to show you. I know it’s such a waste but I personally am curious about the difference as well, just for my own curiosity, but at the same time show to everyone, because there are lots of luxury buying agents nowadays. The person I got my super fake Chanel said a lot of luxury buying agents sell this fake wallet as an authentic Chanel wallet
it’s a serious issue that the luxury buying agent you found online is really selling the authentic or replica. If you’ve never seen or owned a authentic one and if you received a fake one, you might think it’s authentic.
So if you want to buy it from a luxury buying agent you need to find someone who is trustable, and I’ll show you what to look at when you receive your wallet from a luxury buying agent.

Frist of all, that’s talk about the box, because the super fake makes the boxes and dust bags look like real’s too. I’m also sharing the prices of them as well. if I didn’t own any Chanel goods, I would’ve thought this is a authentic box from Chanel. But I have a actual authentic Chanel box so I can see it is a lot different, which one do you think is authentic? and which one is fake? The answer is on your right side is fake, and on your left side is real. The Chanel print on the authentic box is smaller. Chanel print on the 2 replicas are larger, but the size of all boxes are the same, and the authentic box is shorter than the fake one. Both fake boxes are the same height, but overall if I received the fake Chanel box I would think it’s real.

Let’s see what’s inside the box, there is a dust bag in the authentic box, and what’s this? maybe it’s a information card. I’m not sure what is it. Besides the dust bag, there is an authenticity card. This one is authentic, and these are the inside of 2 reploca’s. They also have dust bags in it, and the quality of the fake dust bags is very similar to the authentic dust bag. Just the fakes have tags on them, but if luxury buying agents want to sell this fake as authentic bag, they can easily remove the tags, and you won’t even noticed. Replicas also have the information cards, and the fake authenticity card looks like this, I’ll compare it with the real one later. This is another fake authenticity card. Let’s talk about these dust bags, this is the authentic Chanel dust bag. It has a small pocket when you open it, and it can fold down like this, it’s plain black at the back. These replicas also have Chanel LOGO at the front and plain black at the back. both have pocket inside, both replica’s size are the same. The authentic dust bag is longer than the fake one, the one on your left is real and these 2 at your right are fake. The width are the same. I think the only obvious difference is the size of the Chanel letter on the LOGO. As you can see, the authentic Chanel LOGO is this size, replica Chanel LOGO is obviously larger. The other replica’s LOGO is also larger than the real one. But if i received these 2 replicas on their own, I would not think they are fake, because the quality of the replica dust bag is same as the authentic one. These replica dust bags felt high end as well, and they are also made with 2 fabric sewed together same as the authentic one, so the fake dust bags feels pretty high quality too. And let’s see the authenticity cards. I remember my real authenticity card doesn’t come with plastic, but one of the replica has this plastic thing one it’s authenticity card. I’ll remove the plastic to show you the difference between these 3 authenticity cards…

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