In this video, me and Fong give a little tour around campus much like how she would lead a tour from the admissions office! If you can’t make it to a real in person tour, this is also a good alternative 😀 We also shared a lot of fun facts about Uchicago sure to make you ooo and aaaah 🙂

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Places mentioned

  1. Reynolds Club/Hutchinson Commons — The Uchicago Seal
  2. Regenstein Library — attached to it is the Mansueto Library
  3. Nuclear Energy statue by Henry Moore
  4. Smart Museum of Art — Art to Live With Program
  5. Dollop Coffee Hyde Park

Main Quad

  • Hull Gate
  • Path leading to Harper
  • Haskell Building
  • Bond Chapel
  • Divinity School
  • Stuart Hall
  • Harper Memorial Library


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