Hi guys! Here are the things I did during week 5 at UChicago and how I celebrated Chinese New Year! I did a lot of grocery shopping, cooking, EATING, and of course, almost got sick because it was so cold rip. But luckily, I managed to stay healthy and well during the festivities! Happy Late Lunar New Year to you all ^_^

Hello everyone, we just finished watching his basketball competition today. Do you want to talk about the result?

This basketball game was actually a friend game between UChincago Chinese International Students. And Northwestern Chinese Students. But we lost (LOL). And then when we came back, we had a really intense Jetpunk competition on who can recall the most world capitals. Unfortunately, we lost again.



Hey, I'm Sissi and I'm a UChicago student, stationery lover, creative soul, and this is my life :)

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