Another video is up! Yey! I’m getting the hang of this whole vlogging thing haha!

On this video, we braved the streets of Binondo during CNY to show you guys what Chinese New Year is like in Manila Chinatown. Of course this is just a part of the celebration. I heard there were parades and other programs held during the night and on the exact CNY day.

I think this video shows what a normal Filipino-Chinese family like ours does during Chinese New Year. We visit Chinatown and spend time with the “clan” haha.

We also got to try the Grand Hyatt Manila’s buffet spread in The Grand Kitchen. The food was just okay, to be honest. The interior, great. The service is also great.

Going back to the food… I feel like there was nothing special. My husband said that it was (also) just okay. For me, what I really look forward to in any buffet, especially hotel buffets, is their dessert section. I LOOOOVE desserts! But sadly, I wasn’t too excited with this one. They were okay, but there are better ones.

For its price (1900+ per head, free for 5 years old and below), I would say that it’s not worth it. Or I probably wouldn’t go back. I’d go to some place with better dessert hehe.

And that’s it! I do hope you enjoyed this video. Show it to your kids, moms. I’m sure they’ll enjoy the lion dance parts. 🙂

Ceena Chua-Ong

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