Without further a do, give you guys a “boom”! Hello everyone I’m Ann! Don’t know if y’all like the intro or not?

From the intro and title you guys can probably tell what this series will be about. I promised this series therefore I must accomplish this mission. I present you the new vlog series. “Ann’s weekends around China” (ANNbition Weekend Getaway In China) , this name is kinda lame because we couldn’t think of a cooler one. So we ended up with this name which is kinda similar to A BITE OF CHINA (a famous food show).

Yes, The first stop would be the city full of spices CHONGQING. My butthole is ready for all the spicy food and my legs are ready to clim. If you want to experience the warmth of CHONGQING then come along with me~~



Thank you for your support!

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