This time, I was invited by the world’s Internet giants to visit their Asian headquarters, but the real purpose is actually… In addition, the rest of the itinerary can be summarized as a large-scale live broadcast scene, after eating spicy and sweet, come again. A little sushi is greasy, in short, my stomach is a satisfying one! Also, by the way, I’ve got a squatter bookstore that the young artists will go to.

Hello everyone, I am already in Tokyo now. In fact, I have already arrived yesterday, but I overslept today, so when I went out, it was too late. You can see that the sun has set, and I slept too much today.

In fact, this time I mainly came to participate in the youtube event, because they officially invited me to participate in this gathering equivalent to several relatively large youtuber in Asia.

So the main reason for coming to Tokyo this time is this. Because I went to the event tomorrow, I came out and walked away this evening. There was no good plan for this time, that is, I didn’t think about what to do, so I just walked around.

Amanda Tastes

Amanda Tastes

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I am a food blogger living in the UK. I enjoy cooking and believe interest is the best teacher. I always try to improve myself in cooking and I do it with all my passion. I hope to share my experience, fun and tips during cooking with you guys.

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